We specialize in helping your patients retain and regain their active lifestyle.

Services provided:

  • Acute injury assessment and treatment
    We are an evidence-based practise using current standards to assess and treat acute MSK injuries.
  • Chronic injury management
    We professionally manage those ‘hard to handle’ orthopaedic cases through a thorough and complete assessment. Patients will leave with a treatment plan.  We utilize our 20+ years of experience and make patient education a priority.
  • Gait Analysis
    We use video analysis and playback to offer clients ‘real-time’ learning to address mechanical errors or improve efficiencies. Traditionally considered a valuable tool for recreational to elite runners, we also use gait analysis and retraining for our total joint replacement patients working on regaining their function.
  • Exercise Prescription
    With experience in treating athletes from over 30 different sports, we can offer the highest level of knowledge to assist return to sport and match physical demands with timelines of healing.
  • Manual Therapy
    Nadine has set herself apart and achieved the highest level of manual therapy designation our profession holds. This qualifies her to perform manipulations when indicated.Both Wendy and Nadine use their manual skills to help minimize mechanical restrictions that are often a roadblock to recovery.


Wendy Epp B.Sc.PT, Diploma Sport Physiotherapy

Nadine Plotnikoff MSc.PT, FCAMT, Diploma Sport Physiotherapy

What your patients will experience

  • A complete orthopaedic assessment
  • Education and a working knowledge of how to manage injury and recovery
  • A complete home exercise regime to help develop independence
  • Communication with any allied health professionals working with the patient

Follow-up & Feedback

It is our practise to ensure that you understand our treatment plan. We commit to concise and directed summaries which can be sent at agreed upon intervals. Our evidence suggests that patients recovery is substantially improved when the entire health care team is on common ground.

For Personal Trainers

At Form Physiotherapy, we help trainers keep clients active and engaged with their fitness plan. We fully assess orthopaedics for all ‘makes and models’.  We believe in a ‘client-centered’ model of rehabilitation. We welcome opportunities to help your clients meet their full potential.

  • We will communicate regarding exercises and restrictions/recommendations
  • We will use research, evidence-based practise guidelines and a wealth of experience in sport, injury and recovery to help keep your clients at the gym

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“What I find valuable about Form Physiotherapy for my patients is that I know that they have the expertise and experience working with athletes of all levels to get them through all the focused rehab required following the variety of arthroscopic reconstructive surgeries that I perform. Whether it be shoulder, elbow, hip or knee surgeries that my patients undergo, Form Physiotherapy are up to the task and are dependable. I can trust that my patients are being excellently cared for.”
Dr. Jordan Leith, MD, MHSc, FRCSC
Clinical Associate Professor
UBC Department of Orthopaedics
Arthroscopic Reconstructive Surgery
of the Shoulder, Elbow, Hip and Knee


Nadine Plotnikoff