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Wendy and Nadine’s friendship and physiotherapy careers began in 1991.

Their common goal of becoming accomplished sport physiotherapists saw them accompany each other through many shared experiences—from volunteering many hours together in Vancouver’s sporting communities to preparing to achieve Sport Physiotherapy Canada’s highest level of certification and, eventually, to celebrating their selections to the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Health Care Teams at the 2002 Salt Lake City and 2008 Beijing Olympics.

An opportunity to deliver a different style of physiotherapy saw them establish Form Physiotherapy in 2004, where their extensive experience and perspective is effectively put to full use in dedicated one-on-one treatment sessions.

Wendy and Nadine are active in Vancouver’s sport medicine community.  For our 2010 Winter Olympics, they led the VANOC host medical teams for the Freestyle Ski/ Snowboard and Womens’ Ice Hockey Venues. More recently, they are the physiotherapy provider for the Canadian Sport Centre Pacific’s national and provincial level athletes.  Wendy and Nadine are comfortable and skilled with the unique needs of athletes – past, present and future.

Sports medicine practitioners are accustomed to working in environments where teamwork, communication, creativity and perseverance are the norm in attempting to meet high expectations of success.

Wendy and Nadine are pleased to offer these standards to all Form Physiotherapy clients. We enjoy the diversity of our practice and, regardless of your age or activity level, we welcome you to Form Physiotherapy.


Nadine Plotnikoff

MSc.PT, FCAMT, Diploma Sport Physiotherapy, CGIMS

Nadine Plotnikoff Form PhysiotherapySeveral experiences over Nadine’s career have merged to create her special interest in upper quadrant injuries (neck, upper back, shoulder and arm). Early in her career, she completed a Masters’ thesis related to scapular problems and benefited from regular exposure to elite athletes with an “arm” focus in their sport.  The dedicated one-on-one practice environment she now practices in at Form Physiotherapy provides an ideal setting for her to now comprehensively manage those challenging upper body problems.

She considers herself very fortunate to have chosen a career that she remains passionate about on several levels.

Her years of ongoing involvement in Canadian National level sport continue to produce some of the highs of her career.  In particular, the past eleven years, and counting, spent as a physiotherapist with the Canadian National Wrestling Program have given her an opportunity to be part of an wonderful community of athletes and colleagues in a world-class program. Attending the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with the Canadian wrestlers as their physiotherapist was, quite simply, the icing on the cake. (Read about Nadine’s Beijing Olympics experience.)

The ability to stay physically active is so critical in the prevention and management of many diseases and illnesses.  She takes pride in the role that physiotherapy plays in keeping people moving and enjoys her day-to-day practice for the unique needs and challenges that each patient brings to her in this regard.

A former competitive volleyball player herself, she hopes to find her way back onto the court some day.  In the meantime, true to her West Kootenay roots, she’ll continue to explore our amazing BC mountains, whether on skis, feet or a bike, and dream of where the next stamp in her passport will come from.


Wendy Epp

B.Sc.PT, Diploma Sport Physiotherapy

Wendy Epp Form PhysiotherapyAfter twenty years as a professional physiotherapist, Wendy has learned the following about herself and her career:

Wendy is a function-based physiotherapist who uses assessment tools and movement strategies to help patients in a wide array of sports including, but not limited to; triathlon, running, cycling, skiing, and baseball.  Wendy helps these athletes (both amateur and professional) return to sport, recreation and competition.  A unique and effective feature of Wendy’s delivery of care is her use of video feedback as a tool to achieve a level of understanding and movement knowledge in her patients of all ages.

Wendy’s love of sport and travel generated a perfect fit to become a sport physiotherapist in private practice and travel part-time with the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team. From 1997 to 2010 she traveled internationally and attended the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games in 2002 as chief therapist for the Freestyle Team. She is a community-minded physiotherapist who brings the experience of being the Medical Manager for the Cypress Mountain Venue (freestyle skiing and snowboard) at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games to local endeavours such as Dunbar Little League Baseball, Vancouver Thunderbirds hockey, and many others.

Personally, Wendy has completed numerous long-distance races and triathlons, including Ironman Canada and several Gran Fondos. Her athletic endeavours add to her clinical abilities to reason, problem-solve and effectively manage injuries.  Wendy was instrumental in developing an athlete assessment tool for Team BC, which started in 1997 and has been used on over 600 developing athletes.

Wendy has also had the blessings of having two children. This has given her insight into pre and postnatal care, maintaining a fitness regime while managing a busy life and, of course, the thrill of motherhood.

Wendy notes that her active lifestyle as a multisport athlete and her experience with professional and amateur athletes gives her the ability to translate her curiosity of movement into a problem-solving model of physiotherapy for not just the competitive athlete, but anyone wishing to improve their mobility and function.  Whether you want to get back to an active life or challenge a new activity, Wendy is sure to use a vast array of experience and interests to help you get there.


Ben Motum

B.Sc.(Hons)PT, M.Sc. Sports Physiotherapy, I.M.S.

Ben MotumOriginally from Kent, England, having graduated with a first class B.Sc.(Hons) in Physiotherapy from Brunel University in 2006, and working in both public, private and the sports setting in the south of England, Ben, migrated to Vancouver in 2009. Since then, he has developed into a sports physiotherapist gaining specialization training, working alongside athletes of all ages and abilities, from the local gardener with low back pain to the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer stars.

While living in Vancouver, Ben has gained specialized training through completion of a Sports Physiotherapy M.Sc., from the University of Bath, UK, and by working with amateur, elite and professional sports teams.  Ben spent time working alongside the Whitecaps FC medical staff whilst producing research into hip and groin pain hoping to develop a better understanding into why these injures are so common and reoccur far too frequently. Alongside his clinic commitments, he is a physiotherapist with BC Rugby and has been working with them since 2011, traveling to national championships in both the sevens and fifteen formats. He also delivers seminars on various topics to players and coaches in a number of sports. Ben enjoys using his experience and training to deliver high quality, evidenced based physiotherapy to patients of all ages and abilities. Utilizing postgraduate training which includes Pilates, intramuscular stimulation/dry needling, manual therapy exercises to get patients back to function as quickly as possible. Exercise is a massive component of rehabilitation whatever age or stage of rehabilitation. Ben uses functional movements, strength and conditioning, core training and sport specific rehabilitation to get his patients returning to their lifestyle of choice as soon as possible.

When Ben’s not in the clinic or working in the sports arena, he can be found playing cricket in the summer months all over the Lower Mainland, football (soccer) and snowboarding in the winter as well as traveling in his spare time.

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“I have benefited from the advice and professional skills at FORM Physiotherapy to continue my active, healthy lifestyle after a career in high performance sport. The physiotherapists at FORM have excellent problem-solving skills and provide specific exercise prescription that keeps me moving ahead.”
Veronica Brenner
Silver Medalist Aerials, 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games


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